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A collection of 26 math apps

All iDevBooks math apps have intuitive interfaces that are hand crafted for iPad and iPhone. The apps are used by schools, parents, and students worldwide. They are also very popular in special education as assistive technology tools.

Endorsed by teachers

IEAR.ORG: "This app is fantastic!! It takes the students through the steps of a long division problem and shows them how each step of the problem is related to multiplication."

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Backed by research

iDevBooks apps have been validated for evidence-based practice use and have made significant impacts on the triad of impairments. iDevBooks math apps are effective as presented in the AT4ASD Study!

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Endorsed by press

EDUDEMIC included the iDevBooks series of math apps in their list of the 20 best education apps and web tools of the year 2012: "These apps get three thumbs up from Edudemic because they’re so easy to use, and focused on making the concepts easy to learn rather than being bogged down with bells, whistles, and ads."

WIRED.COM: "Depending on your needs, you may not need all of these apps, but each one serves to teach and allow practice in a targeted area. The more ways you play with numbers and manipulate the methods to get to the correct answer, the more you understand how it all works. For anyone having trouble with arithmetic, these apps are an excellent choice for practicing and learning new methods."

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Save up to 50% with iDevBooks math bundles

iDevBooks offers 8 different math app bundles and you can save up to 60% compared to buying the apps separately.

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